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Start a Conversation. Move to Equitable Action.

The UNC Asheville Center for Diversity Education (CDE) is charged with providing inclusive educational resources and programming to area K-16 schools and the greater community through UNC Asheville and community partnerships.



The UNC Asheville Center for Diversity Education works toward centering marginalized voices to create a more just, inclusive, and equitable community by supporting current and future educators, students, families, and community leaders at UNC Asheville and WNC.


The UNC Asheville Center for Diversity Education exists to foster belonging and inclusivity through partnerships, resources, and programming to cultivate brave learning spaces in K-16 classrooms and our WNC community.

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The CDE supports area K-16 educators and schools by providing culturally relevant and current digital and print resources, exhibits, and guest speakers to deepen student understanding of the NC Standard Course of Study. The CDE prioritizes centering underrepresented voices and promotes empathy and understanding in student understanding of cross-cultural differences. The CDE actively works with area school districts to develop resources that are requested from educators.

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The CDE is committed to its community and partners. With the wealth of knowledge among community organizations, the CDE partners to sponsor events, share historical information, and highlight the resistance and resilience of historically marginalized groups in WNC. Rooted in Asheville and Buncombe County, the CDE continues to cultivate learning partnerships to support our mission and vision of celebrating diversity and fostering productive dialogue to work, live, and learn as a community.

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In partnership with other UNC Asheville departments, the CDE is able to provide culturally responsive resources that promotes inclusion and equity for equitable learning spaces. The CDE and UNC Asheville work together in the development of initiatives to enhance the sense of belonging and center the voices of historically underrepresented groups in our community and on campus.