Available Exhibits and Poster Sets

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The Center for Diversity Education (CDE) at UNC Asheville is charged with providing inclusive educational resources and programming to area K-16 schools and the greater community through UNC Asheville and community partnerships. The CDE works toward centering marginalized voices to create a more just, inclusive, and equitable community by supporting current and future educators, students, families, and community leaders at UNC Asheville and WNC.

As we continue to develop our collection towards culturally responsive and relevant resources for educators, we will make them available here.

Educational Poster Sets

These sets are available for educational purposes, but were not created by the CDE.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Images and Stories from Eyewitness Accounts (laminated poster set)

This is available as a laminated poster set with velcro backing and an accompanying study guide.

History and Imagery from The Holocaust (foam core and laminated poster sets both available)

This is available as a laminated poster set or foam board set that can be displayed on easels (not provided).

Cherokee History: Most People Don’t Realize that Asheville Borders Another Country (laminated poster set)

This laminated poster set shares the history of the Cherokee as well as an acknowledgement of their current community and culture.

CDE Exhibits Available

With All Deliberate Speed: School Desegregation in Buncombe County, 2007 (canvas and poster available)

This exhibit looks at the actions of individuals and institutions and the role they played in the integration of the community from the early 1950’s to the turn of the century. In particular, the exhibit features the activities of the Asheville Student Committee on Racial Equality (ASCORE) who worked to desegregate Asheville from 1960-1965.

Choosing to Remember: From the Shoah to the Mountains, 2006 (canvas and poster available)

This document shares the experiences of residents of WNC who are personally connected to the Shoah (Hebrew word for the Holocaust). Their stories create a timeline from the beginning of the Holocaust in the early 1930s to the impact survivors and their families continue to face.

Coming to the Mountains: Immigration & Western North Carolina, 2006 (canvas and poster available)

This exhibit shares the stories of immigrants who began moving to WNC in the early 1800s through the present. The focus of “Coming to the Mountains” is on the businesses, both historic and contemporary, that immigrants to our community have established.

An Unmarked Trail, 2005 (canvas and poster available)

This exhibit gives local history and can be split between 1850-1900 and 1900-1950. The research for this exhibit was conducted by students from AC Reynolds, Asheville, and Roberson High Schools under the leadership of the Center and local educator, Tori Leslie.

WW II Mountain Memories: Home Front to the Frontline, 2003 (canvas available)

This exhibit is based on interviews from over 75 local veterans and civilians and presents the issues of diversity that were central to World War II, including the Holocaust, the internment of the Japanese, the changing role of women, the segregated army, and much more.

Exhibit and Poster Reservation Information

Most exhibits are available for rent in two formats:

  • 24″x 18″ Laminated poster – fits on an easel or may be hung on a bulletin board
  • 44″x 34″ Canvas banner – hangs from hooks on drop-in ceiling or attaches to a wall, panels, or glass

K-12 Schools: Free Reservation

The exhibits are available at no-charge for up to one month with pickup at UNC Asheville Highsmith Student Union front desk. Includes easels, teacher materials, and student guides.

Organizations and Businesses: Paid Reservations

  • Houses of Worship, Community Organizations, Non-Profits, and Post-Secondary Schooling: $100 monthly. A staff member will drop the exhibit off and return for pick-up one month later. The borrowing agency is responsible for exhibit installation.
  • Businesses and Corporations: $200 monthly. A staff member will drop the exhibit off and return for pick-up one month later. The renting agency is responsible for exhibit installation.  Day rates are available at $25.00

To reserve, contact diversityed@unca.edu.